Attaching the attachment plate to your luggage

The mounting process involves four pins penetrating through the attachment plate and the baggage, securing with a magnetic mechanism on the inside of the luggage (similar to the mechanism used for anti-theft alarms in clothing boutiques). It fastens securely and can only be removed using a special magnet remover.

Attaching the BagID 2 to the attachment plate on your luggage takes just a few seconds. To remove the BagID, the baggage needs to be opened, significantly reducing the risk of theft.

If you plan to use your BagID on multiple pieces of luggage, you will need either multiple attachment plates or a attachment case. Consider adding extra casings if you intend to share the unit within your family. 

The mounting plate is intentionally designed to be difficult to remove from baggage, so take care when attaching it to the luggage you use most frequently for travel.

Please watch our video guides - one video for mounting on hard suitcases and one for soft suitcases: