The difference between the attachment case and attachment plate

There are two ways you can attach your BagID 2 to your luggage. You can opt for the attachment case included in the BagID bundle, or purchase the attachment plate separately.

Attachment case

The attachment case stands out in the crowd and gives your bag a luxury and personal touch. Use it to attach your BagID 2 to your suitcase, backpack, or any other kind of bag. It is not a permanent attachment solution – you can easily move it between bags.

Our attachment casings are made out of different materials:

  • Premium leather material: Thick premium leather attachment case and a housing made of black anodized aluminum. Comes in black and brown.
  • Vegan leather material: 100% vegan/artificial leather case made of thermoplastic polymer and a housing made of silver coated anodized aluminum. Comes in black. 


Attachment plate

BagID can also be attached to your luggage with an attachment plate. The plate can be used on both hard suitcases and soft bags. 

The mounting plate is difficult to remove from baggage once fastened, so take care in deciding which piece of luggage you attach it to. If you plan on using BagID on multiple items of luggage, you will need multiple attachment plates. An attachment case might be more suitable if you prefer to move your device among different suitcases.